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How LPA Works




LPA students work independently to complete courses through an online educational platform (Apex) from home. Highly qualified teachers in each subject area are available to offer support for students both virtually through Google Meets and in-person at the LPA campus by appointment.





It is required that you meet with your Supervising Teacher at least twice per month. These meetings generally last from 5 - 30 minutes (depending on the needs of the student). During these meetings, there is an expectation for the student's camera to be turned on and the student to be appropriately engaged in the conversation. During these meetings the following may be discussed:

A general check on how everything is going 

A review of the student's graded work

A check on progress in Apex and dual enrollment courses

Teachers may refer students to other subject specific teachers if needed

A review of upcoming course assignments and deadlines

Discussion of any concerns or questions


These meetings are a legal requirement per the California Education Code and are mandatory to maintain enrollment as a student at LPA.





Before you have your first meeting with your Supervising Teacher, you and a parent/guardian will need to sign a contract, the Independent Study Master Agreement.  This is a required document for all students who are enrolled in any IS program. Items covered in the agreement include:

Duration of the Agreement

Objectives, Methods of Study, Methods of Evaluation & Resources

Scheduled Instructor / Student Meeting times

Equitable provision of resources and services/voluntary statement

Conditions of Enrollment

LPA school policies




Every Sunday during the school year, parents and students will be sent an email "Coaching Report" from Apex. This report gives the current status of all the student's Apex classes. Classes will appear as Green, Yellow or Red marking the level of progress the student has achieved. In addition, the current grade in the class for each subject is displayed. Each week, a follow-up email will be sent to families regarding the Coaching Report and student progress from the Supervising Teacher.




At the conclusion of 12th grade, students who have earned the appropriate number of credits will receive a William S. Hart Union High School District diploma from Learning Post Academy. All LPA graduates may walk in the LPA graduation ceremony.  Students who are dual enrolled at a comprehensive school during the spring semester of their senior year, may walk in that school site's graduation ceremony, the LPA ceremony or both if desired.