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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I attend prom at the other school sites while attending LPA? Yes

2.  Can I concurrently enroll at COC while attending LPA? Yes

3.  Does LPA have a graduation ceremony? Yes

4.  Can I attend College and Career Readiness (formerly ROP) courses while attending LPA? Yes

5.  Do I have access to a computer lab and tutoring while attending LPA? Yes
6. Can I participate in CIF Sanctioned Athletic events/programs while at LPA? Yes
7. Can I enroll in courses at my comprehensive school of residence while enrolled at LPA? Yes
8. Does LPA offer Honors and AP courses? Yes
9. Will I have access to Career Technical Education programs while enrolled at LPA? Yes
10. Will I have the support of an academic counselor while enrolled at LPA? Yes
11.  If eligible, can I go to a 4-year college or University after graduating from LPA? Yes
12.  Will enrollment in LPA allow me to continue to participate in outside activities (acting, competitive athletics, modeling)? Yes
13. About how many hours can I expect to work independently each week on my coursework? 25-50, depending on the course load. We usually express each student should expect to dedicate approximately 1 hour per class per day (5 days per week).