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Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement:
Working collaboratively and inclusively, the Learning Post Academy community strives to foster independence through effective and innovative personalized experiences and relationships that will empower lifelong learners to be capable of answering the questions of tomorrow.

Mission Statement:
Within a flexible and supportive learning environment, Learning Post Academy students and staff work together towards achieving a high school diploma and developing a foundation for a successful life beyond high school.

Schoolwide Learner Goals:

Learning Post Academy expects that all students and graduates will demonstrate understanding of these attributes valued by our school community.  The LPA staff continually implements activities and educational experiences that enhance the learning of students in the areas described in our Schoolwide Learner Goals.

Self-Directed Learners who:

Analyze and apply new information

Initiate and/or respond effectively to verbal and written directions

Develop and use critical thinking 

Value lifelong learning

Establish and achieve personal goals

Academic Achievers who:

Acquire new knowledge and skills through the use of efficient learning techniques

Read and comprehend written material

Use written expression effectively

Analyze and solve problems

Work independently and collaboratively

Use technology responsibly as a component of the academic process

Responsible Citizens who:

Accept responsibility for one’s own actions

Communicate effectively and appropriately

Exhibit integrity and a positive work ethic

Develop dependability

Demonstrate respect for self and others