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Welcome to Learning Post Academy

logo     Welcome to Learning Post Academy the premier independent study school in the Wm. S. Hart School District, servicing students in grades 7-12.

     Our origins began with Learning Post High School, founded in 1980, and we have been servicing students and families continuously for over 40 years.  We are WASC accredited & NCAA approved offering A-G, Honors and AP courses equivalent to the comprehensive high schools in the Wm. S. Hart District. Dr. Juliet Fine is the Principal of Learning Post Academy.

     Learning Post Academy offers various independent study options to accommodate the various needs of our students seeking a flexible and independent learning environment. Our new home (beginning June 2020) will be at 21445 Center Pointe Parkway Santa Clarita, CA 91350, just down the street from the William S. Hart UHSD offices (where Sequoia School used to be located).

     We have many unique features which distinguish us as a school of preferred choice by many. Offering a flexible learning environment and utilizing the online curriculum provider, Apex, students enjoy our online format as the material is available 24/7 every day of the week. Teacher support is always close at hand and offered through face-to-face meetings on campus, phone calls, emails and other digital communications.

     Independent Study is unique in its attendance reporting in that it is solely based on work assigned and work completed.  Unlike a comprehensive school where attendance is purely based on the "presence" of a student, Independent Study attendance requires completion of work assigned.

    After an initial orientation meeting with a supervising teacher, a schedule will be developed based on the individual needs of your student. This might be a weekly or bi-monthly meeting in which the student can submit work, ask questions, receive feedback on work completed, take chapter tests, discuss curriculum pacing, and develop student goal plans.

     Students must make contact with their supervising teachers a minimum of twice a month but are welcome and encouraged to come work in our classrooms as often as desired. Students visiting our facility will be able to take advantage of work/study stations, student computers, student printers, and any books that may be needed for classes (i.e. novels for English classes).

     Due to the nature of independent study, students are free to come and go from the school site as they choose it is an open campus.

     Many of the assignments and tests are done online, but there are some assignments which are turned in directly to the teacher and some tests which must be taken on site.

     Our academic counselor works closely with the students to develop an educational plan, ensuring they are on track for graduation, college, and on their way towards a successful career.

     Learning Post Academy uses a variable credit system which means students are earning their credits at their own variable rate. When a student completes a course, the credits are posted to the transcript, and the student can immediately move on to the next course of study. For example, if a student finishes English 10A in early November, the credits are posted and the student can immediately begin English 10B course work. The variable credit system is ideal for students who are credit deficient and need to work at a more rigorous pace in order to catch up & stay on pace in order to graduate on time. The variable credit system is also ideal for students who have a goal of graduating early and are motivated to work at a more rigorous pace in order to meet their early graduation goal.

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     Students have the option of dual enrollment at their residence area school. Primary enrollment is with Learning Post Academy and secondary enrollment at their residence area school for one or two classes is an option. Currently, students can take no more than two classes at the residence school. Class requests are arranged by the Learning Post Academy academic counselor and are based on space availability. Students can have the independent study experience as well as the accessibility to Band, Choir, Dance, High School TV, and more. Students will have an option to play on CIF sectioned athletic teams if they choose to do so. If a student is participating in a CIF level sport at their residence area school, there is a district policy requirement of taking two classes for dual enrollment PE/sport and one additional class. CIF participants must meet all CIF/district requirements for participation.
     Students attending Learning Post Academy who wish to participate in foreign doclanguage, honors, or AP level courses may do so via dual enrollment at their residence area school or directly through our Apex online curriculum. Another option for this level of course work is taking classes at College of the Canyons (COC) beginning in 11th grade. COC tuition is free to high school students.

     Learning Post Academy students are encouraged to participate in our Associated Student Body (ASB) Club. Students and the ASB Club Director meet weekly for fun, peer building activities as well as planning school activities such as school dances, holiday-themed events, talent show, charitable causes as well as community service activities. Students are also able to qualify for and participate in California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) activities and honors.

     Additionally, students may take part in any extra-curricular activities offered at their residence area school. This includes dances and sporting activities. Please note that to participate in activities on other campuses, you might be required to purchase one of their ASB cards.asbasb3asb2

     Learning Post Academy offers a unique and personal graduation ceremony where the supervising teachers speak briefly about each of their students. Families rave time and time again about how much they appreciated the personal, up close ceremony for their Learning Post Academy graduate. If a Learning Post Academy student has dual enrollment during their final semester, they have the option of requesting to participate instead (or in addition to) in their residence area school’sgraduation ceremony.
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     applicationThe process for enrollment at Learning Post Academy begins with an application. A transcript must be included with the application unless the applicant is currently enrolled in one of the Wm. S. Hart District schools.

     Please understand, enrollment in Learning Post Academy is not appropriate for all learners. The leadership team at Learning Post Academy carefully evaluate each application. Due to our popularity, our program is often at capacity.