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State Standardized Testing




Each year, junior high and high school students are required to participate in on-campus state mandated testing.  The required tests are shown below, with a brief description of what your student can expect from each one. LPA students are expected to participate in these tests to maintain enrollment.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) – Grades 7,8,11 - April:

School Districts across the nation are shifting to a “Common Core” Curriculum, to establish a single set of clear educational standards for students in grades K-12 in English and Math.  These standards are designed to measure student achievement levels which are necessary to succeed in college and beyond.  Previously known as the STAR Test, the CAASPP is an online test that was introduced in Spring 2014:

  1. Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) – Computer multiple choice test
  2. Performance Task (PT) – Student will demonstrate his/her knowledge of a given topic

  • Early Assessment Program (EAP) – Imbedded in the CAASPP tests are English and math “EAP” components which enables high school juniors to pre-qualify for placement in their college English and math classes.  

  • SCIENCE CST:  (California State Test)  – April : The purpose of this test is to measure student mastery for their grade level.  Please allow 90 minutes of testing time.

  • AP TESTING (Advanced Placement) – May:  Students who pass the AP Test in their chosen subject may receive college credits for these classes.  

  • PE TESTING – Grades 7 and 9 - March: Education Code 60800 requires school districts to administer the physical fitness test.  Students will need to pass this test in the following categories:  Aerobic Capacity (1 mile run), Abdominal Strength and Endurance (Curl-ups), Upper Body Strength and Endurance (Push ups), Body Composition (Height and Weight), Trunk Extensor Strength and Flexibility (Trunk Lift), and Flexibility (Back-Saver Sit and Reach).

A NOTE ABOUT DUAL ENROLLMENT – Students who are dual enrolled will take all tests with LPA. We will excuse the student from any classes missed on the comprehensive site due to state mandated testing with us. The only exception to this rule is PE.  If a dual-enrolled student is taking PE at the comprehensive site, he/she will perform the fitness test on the comprehensive site.