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Welcome Back to School

Good Evening Learning Post Academy Families,


Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year! On August 9th, processing day, we look forward to welcoming our students to our new campus.  We will have the opportunity to meet each of you in person.  We know that this may be the only day that our students physically set foot onto our campus.  And, we know that this is normal for being enrolled in our independent online alternative school.  We will be spending time with most of you on a virtual platform.  But, we want you to know that options for meeting in person or virtually are available for you.


I hope that each of you enjoyed your summer holiday break.  As a staff, we are committed to reopening our doors and creating a virtual and in-person environment that fosters strong relationships, upholds standards of academic rigor, and supports students on their educational journey.


For those of you new or returning,  Learning Post Academy is unique in its attendance reporting.  Please know that there are new California state laws and guidelines under AB 130. This requires every student and family to attend an online virtual mandatory meeting in order to participate in independent study.  The state of California would like to make sure that families are fully aware of the nature and expectations of being an independent study student.  We will cover these details in our meeting on August 9th at 6:00pm. This is a requirement for your enrollment. 

Please know that we are also committed to uphold the safety and health guidelines to ensure that all of our students, staff and community members remain safe.  This includes mask wearing and social distancing.  For August 9th and any day that our students or parents come to LPA’s campus, we are required and also appreciate your commitment to following these guidelines.


With great enthusiasm, we welcome you back to school and look forward to helping you fulfill your academic goals during your time with us.  Please know that we are here to support you. You may reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  I look forward to meeting you in person during the day and seeing you virtually on August 9th at 6:00pm.

Please register in advance at this link: 



Have a wonderful rest of your summer break!  We’ll see you soon!


Dr. Juliet Fine

Principal of Learning Post Academy