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School Description

Welcome to the Learning Post Academy!
Learning Post Academy is the Hart District’s independent study school. It was opened in
1980 – over 40 years ago. It is WASC accredited & NCAA approved just like other high
schools in the Hart District. Dr. Juliet Fine is the Principal of Learning Post Academy and
Academy of the Canyons.
Learning Post Academy is located at 24825 N. Newhall Ave., “D” Portables, Santa Clarita,
CA 91321. 
All Learning Post Academy students have the option of dual enrollment at their residence
area school. Students are allowed to take one or two classes at their dual enrollment
school. Class requests are arranged by the Learning Post Academy academic counselor
and are based on space availability. If a student is participating in a CIF level sport at their
residence area school, there is a requirement of taking two classes for dual enrollment –
PE/sport and one additional class. CIF participants must meet all CIF/district
requirements for participation.
Learning Post Academy offers a unique and personal graduation ceremony.  Families
rave time and time again about how much they appreciated the personal, up-close
ceremony for their Learning Post Academy graduate. If a Learning Post Academy student
has dual enrollment during their final semester, they have the option of requesting to
participate in their residence area school’s graduation ceremony or LPA’s ceremony or
both ceremonies. Their diploma will be from LPA regardless of where they walk.
The process for enrollment at Learning Post Academy begins with an application. A
transcript must be included with the application unless the applicant is currently enrolled
in one of the Hart District schools.
​Learning Post Academy Advantages:
​- Early High School Graduation Opportunities
​- High Graduation Rates
​- Academic Scholarship Opportunities
​- Concurrent Enrollment at College of the Canyons
​- Flexible Schedule
​- Small Learning Environment
- Highly Qualified Instructors
- Common Core Curriculum
- Additional Support Resources Available
-Access to Programs Throughout the District
What Kind of Students Attend Learning Post Academy?
* Self-motivated students wishing to work at a flexible pace​
​* Students who have been unsuccessful in the typical classroom setting
​* Students who struggle with maintaining acceptable school attendance practices
* Students with full-time jobs
* Students with family responsibilities